We love butter.
Sweet. Nutty. Earthy. Creamy. 

Butter makes everything taste better. And where there's taste, there's feeling. Without a doubt, deeply flavorful food makes us happy.

While working as a chef, two questions became so engrained in my mind that they could have been written on the walls of the kitchen: "How does it taste?" and "How does it make you feel?"
I began marveling over possibilities for flavored butter as I further understood butters' profound presence in fine cuisine and home kitchens. But the butter found in supermarkets — always in a single yellow or white block with limited varieties in flavor — needed to undergo a transcendent experience.
I started Churn to help you see and experience flavored butter through my eyes - a secret for elevated cooking and flavor - but without all the work.
Using only the finest grass-fed, hormone-free, non-GMO, high butterfat, European style butter from California, and our chef-crafted recipes, all of our butters are designed to be incredibly flavorful on their own and have a multitude of culinary applications.
Throw our butters into a sauté pan with some vegetables, smother some over a whole chicken before sliding it into the oven, melt some down before brushing atop grilled meats, or simply spread it on a piece of toast and go to flavor-town! We promise, our butters will absolutely transform the way you cook and eat at home. We hope to inspire you to the endless possibilities of flavored butter, and empower you to elevate your standard home meals with excitement and flavor. Most of all, we hope our butters make you feel as happy as they make us!
Love & Gratitude
The Churn Team

Michael Tashman, Chef/Founder