I love butter. Its sweetness, nuttiness, and creaminess. Really, it makes everything better. Most of all, I love how happy it makes me feel.

As a chef, I spent years marveling over butter’s possibilities, and found myself dreaming up recipes for making butter more exciting. I wanted it to transcend beyond the butter I found in supermarkets — always in a single yellow or white block with limited varieties in flavor.

I started Churn to spread the butter love, and to help you see butter through my lens — one that whispers a secret for elevated cooking, without all the work.

Using only the finest grass-fed, organic, hormone-free, non-gmo butter from California, my dreams became a reality in each of our seven flavors: Everything, Pesto, Garlic & Shallot, Cacio & Pepe, Maple & Cinnamon, Tomato & Basil, and Miso.

I hope to inspire you to the possibilities of flavored butter, and empower you to create new and exciting meals at home that spark joy in sharing. Most of all, I hope butter makes you feel as happy as it makes me.

Love & Gratitude,

Michael Tashman