Black Garlic
Black Garlic

Black Garlic

Made with Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free, Non-GMO Butter. Always.

Umami rich, sweet, and earthy, our latest seasonal flavor provides a seriously instant "WOW" factor to anything (and everything!) from a grilled ribeye, charcuterie plate, or sandwich.

Black garlic is the unique product of regular, plain old garlic, that is aged for about 1 month at a really low temperature. During the slow-cooking process, the garlic bulbs take on a dark brown color, become super concentrated in flavor, and take on a tamarind-like consistency. We like to describe the flavor profile as being similar to aged balsamic or molasses. It's sweet, tangy, earthy, and oh so delicious!


Available for just a limited time!


Ingredients: Grass-Fed Butter, Black Garlic, Balsamic, Sea Salt