chef notes:

Our pesto butter is absolutely loaded with fresh basil and parmesan, which makes it a perfect pair for pastas, vegetables, and grilled meats!

Here we’re brushing the butter on some grilled chicken just prior to it finishing on the grill. It’s a super simple recipe, but always a crowd pleaser.


Main Dish



active time:

30 minutes

total time:

45 minutes

what you'll need:
  • Churn Pesto Butter

  • Chicken (Breasts or Thighs work great on the grill! Skin on + more flavor)

  • Salt + Pepper

  • Grill brush


Turn on your grill, oil it up with a high heat tolerant fat (avocado oil, grape-seed, ghee, etc.), close lid, and wait for it to get hot!


Season chicken with Salt & Pepper

Pro tip: Pat down the chicken with paper towels to dry the meat before you season. This helps to get a really nice crispy skin or char on the meat for optimal grilling.


Spoon out however much pesto butter you’d like (roughly ½ to 1 oz per person is a nice amount) into a microwave safe bowl, and melt for 10 seconds. You can alternatively use a small saucepot to melt the butter and place it right on the grill beside you for simplicity/ease.

Grilled Chicken with Churn Pesto Butter


Place your seasoned chicken on the grill, skin side down. Depending on thickness, cook for about 4-5 minutes each side.


Flip over, cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes.


Brush with as much Churn as your heart desires and enjoy!

about the creator:
Churn Foods

The chef and founder of Churn Foods, Michael Tashman, knows that deeply flavorful food make us happy. Each orginal recipe is designed to empower you to elevate your standard home meals with excitement and flavor.