chef notes:

When making steak, the Ribeye cut is usually my top choice. It has the perfect fat to lean muscle ratio, and the most melt-in-your-mouth marbling.

If you look at a ribeye, you can actually see two parts of the cut. There's the large eye of meat (this is the center of the cut), and then there is the outer layer, called the "cap" of the ribeye, that has the most amount of marbling. If you're a Costco shopper, and you love Ribeye, look for the Ribeye caps. They remove the capsĀ  from the center cut Ribeyes, and sell them separately for the same price!

If you prefer leaner steaks, try a New York Strip, or a Filet Mignon, they'll work just fine.


Main Dish



active time:

30 minutes

total time:

45 minutes

what you'll need:
  • Ribeye Caps

  • Churn Garlic and Shallot Butter

  • Salt and Pepper

  • Brush (for applying butter on the grill)

  • Oil for the grill (you can either spray it on, or rub it on with a cheap towel or grill brush)Ā 


Temper your meat

Take your steaks out, and leave them out for about an hour. If you put a cold steak right on the grill, the meat won't cook evenly. The outside of the meat will cook fasterĀ than the inside, and by the time the inside cooks, the outside will burn. Leave your steak out for roughly an hour, so that the inside of the steak can cook, simultaneously, while the outside works up a nice char. Trust me, the meat will be fine left out.


Turn on your grill

Get that grill churnin', and oil your grill so the steaks don't stick to the surface.


Throw on the grill

Your grill should be hot enough to where you hear a nice sizzle when the steaks touch the grill. Place the steaks on the hottest part of your grill, and close the lid.

Grilled Ribeye Caps with Churn Garlic & Shallot Butter


Flip Steaks

Wait a few minutes with the lid down. After waiting, open up the lid.Ā Once you see some char creeping up the edges of the steak, you know you're good to flip over.Ā Depending on the thickness of the steak, this may be ~ 3-4 minutes.


Butter time (my favorite time)

Once flipped, you're ready to go with the Garlic and Shallot butter. Make sure your butter is soft enough to where it can be spread. I put mine in the microwave for about 10 seconds - it doesn't matter if its melted already.

Important: Don't put the butter in your microwave in the Churn plastic container - it's not microwave friendly! Instead, put a few spoonfuls into a ramekin or a bowl that is microwave safe.

Using your brush, give your steak a nice coat of butter, to where it covers the whole steak. Close the lid so you get maximal heat on your grill, and melting of butter onto your steak.


Take meat off the grill and let it rest

Using a meat thermometer, your fingers, or your eyes, take your meat off the grill when it's 5 degrees away from the exact temperature you want, and let rest 5 minutes before you begin to slice.Ā  Why?Ā Ā If you slice into it right away, the meat will "bleed" the glorious juices you worked so hard for, all onto your cutting board.Ā Resting the meat for 5 minutes will allow all of the juices to be soaked up, ensuring a cleaner cut.

Here's a meat temperature guide to remind you about perfect meat temps:

Rare:Ā  < 130

Medium rare: 130-135 (54 - 57 C)

Medium: 140-145 (60-63 C)

Medium Well: 150 - 155 (65.5-86 C)

Well done: > 160

Pro tip: Remember to slice against the grain (in the opposite direction, or across the fibers in the meat). If you don't do this, your meat will be tough and chewy.


about the creator:
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The chef and founder of Churn Foods, Michael Tashman, knows that deeply flavorful food make us happy. Each orginal recipe is designed to empower you to elevate your standard home meals with excitement and flavor.