Grilled Zucchini Squash with Pesto Butter

Grilled Zucchini Squash with Pesto Butter

grilled zucchini with Churn pesto butter


Squash yields really well towards high heat cooking. The harder exterior of the squash protects the softer, seeded inside from the extreme heat of the grill. When you cook it just right, its so so good. Try grilling some yellow squash with pesto butter.

What you'll need:

- Yellow or Green Zucchini Squash

- Olive oil

- Salt/Pepper

- Lemon



1) Get your grill goin.

No one likes a cold grill. Get that grill churnin.

2) Cut Squash, and season

I like to cut them into quarters, or if it's big enough, eighths. Arrange them nicely on a plate or a sheet tray, and brush them all with olive oil, and then liberally season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

3) Temper your butter.

It's important to have your butter at a temperature that is soft enough to spread. I either take out the butter 20 minutes before grilling time, or just microwave it for 10 seconds. Don't worry if its melted, the flavor will still be there.

4) Throw squash and lemon on the grill

Place each squash, side down onto the grill. Put lemon on as well, seed exposed side down first. Close lid.

5) Flip Squash and butter

Once you see some char peeking through the edges of the squash, you know it's time to flip. Once flipped, brush your pesto butter onto the charred sides. Close lid to retain heat.

6) Flip squash again, butter, and enjoy

Open the lid - you should see some nice caramelization happening on the buttered squash. Flip it over, surface side down, so that you can apply some butter to the other side. Take off the grill, with the lemon, and enjoy!


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